A Tradition of Quality And Innovation

Inside the Legend you’ll find the quality materials and finish you expect from Great West Vans. With subtle Ultra-Leather seating, rich solid surface counter tops and recessed halogen lights with dimmer controls the Legend can take you anywhere in the lap of luxury. Windows are finished with color coordinated vinyl valences and vertically installed day/night shades for a more residential look and feel.  The LCD TV, DVD home theatre system, convection microwave, brushed nickel pull-out faucet and programmable coffee maker are all standard, because in a coach this elegant who would expect anything less.

Fuel economy

During the last fuel scare many people wanted out of their larger cars and motorhomes alike but couldn’t because of how quickly the values of these vehicles dropped. Whether gas prices are high or low its good to know at an average of 20 MPG the Sprinter Legend is always in style. The V6 Mercedes Benz diesel engine is quieter and more powerful than the engine it replaced. With its 26 Gallon fuel tank you won’t have to cringe every time you go to fill up because at an average range of 500 miles per tank it’s amazing how far those 26 gallons will take you.